TROPICS Hurricane Cubesat Launch by Rocket Lab and NASA 

TROPICS is a NASA mission that seeks to better understand hurricane development, strength, and precipitation.

 Structure and Storm Intensity

The TROPICS CubeSats will be launched into orbit by Rocket Lab's Electron rocket, increasing hurricane monitoring capabilities.

Electron Rocket by Rocket Lab

CubeSats are small, low-cost satellites that allow for efficient and cost-effective data collection for scientific study.

CubeSats: Small and Cost-Effective

The TROPICS mission will give useful data to improve weather forecasting, allowing for better storm preparedness and response.

Improved Weather Forecasting

The TROPICS mission emphasizes the value of collaboration between private enterprises such as Rocket Lab and government agencies like as NASA.

Global Collaboration

The TROPICS mission and Rocket Lab's Electron rocket demonstrate the promise for breakthroughs in weather science and space exploration in the future.

 Breakthroughs in Weather Science

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