Shredded Star and Supermassive Black Hole Accretion Disk

Investigate the amazing event of a star being ripped apart by the gravitational forces of a supermassive black hole

Shredded Star Phenomenon

Discover how the accretion disk, a churning mass of gas and debris that surrounds the supermassive black hole, formed.

Accretion Disk Formation

Explore the enormous gravitational tidal forces that tear apart the star, leading it to be swallowed by the black hole.

Gravitational Tidal Forces

Understand the emission and radiation processes that occur when the material of the shredded star interacts with the accretion disk.

Emission and Radiation

Gain insights from observing these processes, which can provide essential data for investigating the behavior of supermassive black holes.

Observational Insights

Consider how the shredded star phenomenon affects our knowledge of black hole dynamics, galaxy evolution, and cosmic phenomena.

Astrophysics Implications

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