Perseverance Rover Discovers Evidence of an Ancient Raging River on Mars

Learn about the Perseverance rover and its groundbreaking Mars exploration mission.

 Perseverance Rover Mission

Learn about the remarkable discovery of evidence pointing to the existence of an old roaring river on Mars.

Ancient Raging River

 Investigate the geological clues and scientific discoveries that lead scientists to discover the existence of a once-flowing river.

Geological Clues

Learn about the consequences of this discovery, which sheds light on the likelihood of past livable habitats on Mars.

Uncovering Mars' Watery Past

Discover the sophisticated equipment and instruments used by the Perseverance rover to examine the Martian surface

Perseverance Rover's Tools

Dive into scientists' continuing research and analysis to solve the riddles of Mars' geological and climatic history.

 Uncovering Mars' History

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