Mars Horizon Journey to the Red Planet

Introduce the video game Mars Horizon in which players engage on a journey of space exploration, manage their own space agency, and plan expeditions to Mars and beyond.

Video Game Mars Horizon 2

Emphasize the connection between Mars Horizon 2 and real-life scientists studying Planet 9, as well as the chance for gamers to participate to astronomical research through the game.

Planet 9 Scientist Collaboration

Explain the notion of citizen science and how players may help find and characterize faraway worlds by participating in exoplanet hunting missions within the game.

Citizen Science and Exoplanet Hunting

Demonstrate the diversity of space missions accessible in Mars Horizon 2, including exploration of the Solar System, satellite launches, landing rovers on other planets, and scientific research.

Solar System Exploration and Space Missions

Describe the game's strategic components, such as mission planning, spacecraft design, personnel management, and resource allocation, with a focus on the player's role as the head of a space organization.

Mission Planning and Space Agency Management

Emphasize Mars Horizon 2's immersive and educational components, providing players with insights into the obstacles and excitement of real-world space travel.

 Player Experience and Educational Value

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